Families everywhere (including ours) will be kicking off summer in just a few short weeks, or maybe earlier! Let the adventures begin! 

We always try to plan things to do with the kids, as a family. Things we can all enjoy which means all 5 of us need to bring things along, especially if its a day trip. I don't mind hauling around a bag or two but with three kids and two adults, we usually need something a bit more than moms purse to keep everything organized and within reach. 

Backpacks, of course, have always been a chosen favourite, I love this backpack from WillLand Outdoors! It has so many pockets and is great for carrying everything we need while we are out. 

It's time to get in gear for outdoor adventures with WillLand Outdoors backpacks. Embrace your ambitious side with a backpack built to make the most of sunny days. WillLand Outdoors, a growing Canadian outdoor bag and accessories brand, offers quality backpacks that don’t sacrifice style.

It doesn't matter if you like to bike, hike, picnic or camp, these bags are made with long-lasting, lightweight material. They are rigorously tested for durability. WillLand Outdoors bags come in an array of colours making them trendy bags that will have your back every time you start a new summer fun filled day! 

We were sent the Luminosa Dark Grey to check out. The design is similar to that of other bags we have had before with a double pocket on the outside and a separate pocket inside. Outside the bottom and shoulder straps feature a leather type material. With WillLand Outdoors you get a lifetime warranty on your bag! 

For more information about WillLand Outdoors and other bags they sell please visit the official website!

*WillLand Outdoors provided a bag for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author*

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