Everywhere you look, you see technology. You see kids handling devices we could only have dreamed of when we were young. Not only are kids using these devices for entertainment like games and videos but they are also using them to learn with a vast library of apps available both free and paid. 

What if we could take playing beyond a screen? 

Meet Osmo, the award-winning educational gaming device that lets kids use both technologies while also giving them hands-on play. With Osmo, you get more than just your typical iPad accessory. 

Osmo, with its unique gaming accessory, changes the way children interact with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. The Genius Kit comes with 5 games that foster learning in key areas:
  • TANGRAM fosters spatial relational skills.
  • WORDS teaches spelling and critical thinking skills.
  • NEWTON fosters creative problem-solving skills.
  • MASTERPIECE teaches drawing and creative confidence.
  • NUMBERS teaches counting, addition, and multiplication.
Whether it be helping kids with math problems or helping them with their drawing skills, the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad is a fun way for kids to play, create and learn beyond the screen.

Osmo works with most versions of iPad including the mini (which I have) and does not work with Android based tablets. 

The Osmo Genius kit includes a white iPad stand, a red reflective mirror for the iPad camera, sets of game pieces (alphabet letters and wood tangram shapes, number and dot tiles). Masterpiece and Newton apps don't require any pieces. All of the apps are free to download from the app store but you do need the Osmo kit to get playing! 

Start off by downloading all the necessary apps you'll need and signing up with your email to register your Osmo. It's simple to set up by placing your iPad in the base and clipping the red reflective mirror over the camera of your iPad. The base is adjustable to fit the iPad mini (as seen in the photos in this post). Yes, you do have to take off your case but dDon't worry, it is safe and won't scratch or damage your iPad! Osmo is created to sit at a table with the iPad, not lounge on the couch which in my opinion is much better for them (and better for your iPad!). 

My older two kids are used to playing games on their tablets but not like this! 

Choose your app and watch your child enjoy learning. There are different games and activities with different levels and different interests. My oldest really liked Masterpiece and Newton while her younger brother gave a try at Numbers and Tangram (puzzles). 

My youngest is only three so she is still a bit too young to use most of the apps but she did like playing around with Masterpiece.

I even found myself playing Newton when my kids were in a different room. You have to draw lines or use objects - whatever you can think of to bounce virtual balls into the target for points! As you go on level by level the games and activities become more advanced.

Overall, if you are looking for both a learning tool and great entertainment for your kids aged 5-13, you should get an Osmo! 

You can order your Osmo directly from the website or find it in stores like Best Buy and The Apple Store. 

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Review on behalf of Osmo. Complimentary product recieved for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are my own. 

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