There are still a few weeks left of school but before we know it, the kids will be off for another summer vacation! The weather will be gorgeous and sunny, you know the kids will want to be outside. 

For the times, we have to stay at home but the kids need to play outside, I like to have a plan. Something in place that I can remember "Ah-ha!" will keep them entertained and maybe cool off at the same time. 

Here are some really fun and amusing game ideas you can play with your kids this summer. They aren't expensive and the smiles will last for hours! 

Gazillion Bubbles Triple Bubble Blaster
Funrise Toys

For little ones who REALLY love bubbles, create three times the bubbles with this new bubble blaster! It's simple enough to use by pouring the solution into the tray and dipping each of the three wants accordingly. Get rid of any excess solution and hold the blaster up. Press the button and watch the smiles as gazillions of bubbles come pouring out in every direction! These are great to have in the outdoor toy collection for $13.99 *sold at most toy retailers* Warning: tie long hair up, keep it away from the spinner. We found out the hard way when Miss Ms hair got tangled up. Luckily though you can take this toy apart so no damage was done, just a bit of a scare! ;-) 

Booger Balls Ultimate Battle Pack
Funrise Toys

If you have kids like mine who think all things gross (farts, burps, boogers) are hilarious, they may enjoy Booger Balls. We had issues making the actual balls, they are a bit sticky but I guess that's part of the game. Make sure to have a hose handy to rinse off before going into the house. The kit comes with everything you need like the solution and container to make up to 90 Booger Balls in 3 colours! All you have to use is your imagination! $24.


I had to add in this one because I personally love water balloons. They are a classic way to not only get out, have fun as a family and cool off but also, get that revenge you've been seeking! We got these from the BConnected Conference back in April. Buch-o-Balloons isn't like your typical water balloon, they are so much easier designed to be filled up many at a time! 100 balloons in 60 seconds to be precise! They are environmentally friendly made with recyclable materials. The balloons and O-rings are biodegradable and the straws recyclable. You can find them at stores like Walmart or Giant Tiger for under $5!

Have fun!

Not sponsored. Products received for review purposes other than Bunch-o-Balloons. Opinions and comments expressed are my own. 

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