Our dogs love to eat. What dog doesn't, right? And when it comes to food we try to feed them what's good for them, like we do for the whole family. We check lists of people food for what's good and what's not, having three kids and four dogs you are guaranteed a table scrap dropped from time to time. We stick with food brands the dogs love and we know come with good nutrition and a good value. 

Typically Mr. Ruffy, Sofi, Sasha, and Daizy eat dry food. We buy a big bag or two of the kind they like. They also get chew bones often (Mr. Ruffy loves his Greenies!) and wet food as a treat. Meaning, they don't get wet food very often. They tend to gobble it right up quickly, looking for more. 

This is a bad habit and can lead to overfeeding if the meals aren't monitored. We'd like to change that and have them enjoy the best of both worlds with #mixedfeeding!

What is mixed feeding?

Basically, mixed feeding is giving your dog a variety of foods they love and not restricting them to one kind of meal. Who likes to eat the same thing every day, right? 

Here are some facts from Pedigree about wet food vs dry food and what #mixedfeeding can do for our four-legged family members! 

Approximately 30% of Canadian pet owners take their pets on vacation, with 43% of dog owners always bringing their pup along. 

Around 44% of pet owners feed their pet wet food on a regular basis, and one-quarter (25%) said they never serve their pet wet food
Wet food contains fewer calories than dry food, and helps your pet maintain a healthy body weight
Dry food is a concentrated energy source, and its crunchy texture helps maintain your pet’s oral health
Serving your pet wet food will not cause them to gain weight if it’s properly integrated into their diet. If slowly introduced, it will actually cause your pet to ingest fewer calories while also providing them with extra health benefits  
It also has numerous health benefits, including reducing urinary tract infection. Only 23% of Canadians are aware know this
There  isn’t a ‘right way’ to provide your pet with a mixed food diet – as long as they are getting some sort of combination of both wet and dry food, they will reap the benefits
There isn’t a ‘right way’ to start a mixed feeding diet – as long as your pet is getting a combination of both, they will reap the benefits

Tips on introducing Mixed Feeding into a pet’s diet:

1. Feed your pet wet food at breakfast and/or dinner. This way you can avoid leaving wet food out all day and your pet can join in on family meal time!

2. Try alternating days or meals - feed Dry one day and Wet the next, or feed Dry one meal and Wet the next to give your pet variety

3.Try a variety of flavours and textures to find your pet's favorite.

4. Mix dry kibble with wet food in one bowl for a delicious new texture or serve separately side by side.

We have been trying this new #mixedfeeding method for a few days now and the dogs seem to really be enjoying it thanks to a surprise sent over to us from Pedigree!. Of course, they enjoy the days they get wet food more than the days they get the usual dry but I think the change will be good for them in the long run. They are still quite young dogs with a lot of love to give! 

We are excited to continue our #MixedFeeding journey with Pedigree! You can follow along on social media using the hashtag #MixedFeeding! 



To learn more about #mixedfeeding and the benefits for your dogs, visit https://www.petmixedfeeding.ca/

To learn more about Pedigree please visit http://www.mypedigree.ca

Sponsored post on behalf of Mars company and Pedigree. Complimentary products received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. I have tried the mixed feeding with my dogs, but they eat way to fast and to much when I do it, it's like they have never seen food before and it's like a feeding frenzy going on, so I don't do a mixed feeding to often, but they do only eat Pedigree, it's affordable and they like it!!


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