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Living in an age of technology is a good thing. We have everything we need at our fingertips on tablets, computers and smartphones. Often, screentime outweighs the face-to-face time that is important. The internet has become everybody's "go-to" place to find answers to whatever questions they may have. 

The internet is a sea of information from videos to articles, images and more but does it truly give the answers our teens really need? This Father's Day, Gillette is reminding people to "Go Ask Dad" answers to their everyday questions. While Dad may enjoy a new book (or razor) for Father's Day, a good heart-to-heart will be the true gift he will love.

Check out this video from Gillette where real teens and their fathers participated in the "Go Ask Dad" experiment. In the end, they realize something very important: The internet may "know it all" but it's Dad that really "knows best".

After you have that special talk, why not give Dad an extra gift, helping him look his best every day without breaking the bank! Ties, socks, and underwear are things he can buy on his own, something he'll actually enjoy? The new Gillette ProShield razor. This razor has lubrication before and after the blades so his skin will be smoother and shielded from irritation. At only $14.99, the Gillette ProShield won't irritate the bank account either! 

Take your gifting game to the next level and get Dad a subscription to GilletteShaveClub.ca, he will never have to worry about restocking his blades again! 

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