This is a true story, based on true events.

You may or may not remember, our son loves everything to do with video games. He loves to play video games and watch videos about playing video games. He will play on any console he can get his hands on. His xbox, his tablet or even sometimes my phone. He has even tried to convince me to put my new Apple TV in the livingroom (they have an older model to use) because there are games! Needless to say he didn't win that argument. 

Anyway back to my story...

I have a password on my phone, like many people do but the boy ended up figuring it out. I don't know how but he did. 

I caught him several times on my phone without permission so I changed the password to something else. Everything seemed okay, he was finally leaving my phone alone. 

One day last week though I let my guard down. I made a mistake and I left my phone plugged in on the kitchen counter unsupervised. It was nice out and we were all in and out of the house all day. I stepped outside for a few minutes because Miss M was busy eating a snack and I figured I would take a couple of trash bags out in the meantime. 

In the short minutes I was outside two police officers show up in the driveway saying an emergency call was traced to a cellphone coming from our address. They said it was someone with a small voice and sounded like an elderly person. Bizarre. There are no elderly people in my house. I started thinking of who called from my phone. Obviously not the youngest she doesn't have access to the kitchen and the oldest was out at a friends house. 

As I was walking in (in panic mode I may add) to grab my phone and check it dawned on me. The boy! He had been playing in the livingroom. He must have went into the kitchen and tried to unlock my phone but pressed the emergency button which is the only one you can press on iPhone if the phone is locked. 

I asked him if he called. He attempted to deny it (to avoid getting in trouble) until I told him two policemen were outside and I needed and explanation for them. He burst out crying saying he didn't want to go to jail. I told him he wasn't going to jail but he did have to go explain to them that he made that call. 

It turns out he thought "emergency" was to dial apple care if you needed help with your phone. When he realized it wasn't he hung up. When they called back he got scared and pressed the end call button. One officer had to turn away with his smirk trying not to laugh at the innocence while telling my son not to do that again. 

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry from embarrassment. I was apologizing profusely like a crazy lady. From now on my iPhone stays where I can keep an eye on it. I think we both learned a lesson here! 

Big credit to the Ottawa Police for being quick to respond to an emergency call - again we are REALLY sorry! 

Have your kids ever done something that made you want to melt into a puddle and disappear? Share your embarrassing moments in the comments below! Let's talk! 

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