Twelve years ago today my entire world changed. It wasn't just me and hubby (and the dog) anymore. We were parents, we became a family twelve years ago today. 

We made it through her baby years, those terrible tantrum toddler years and watched her grow into a little preschooler with a big heart. She has always shown she cares to the people around here, even if some people don't always deserve her kindness. 

She has always been determined. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Even if she doesn't always show it, she knows if she wants it bad enough and works hard enough, she will get it. Thats something we hope she uses more into the next chapter of her young life. 

Elementary school years weren't always kind. She did her best despite the troubles she faced in the schoolyard. You did good kid.

We all had our share of ups and downs. I'm happy to know she knows we are always there for her, no matter what. That won't change no matter how old we get. 

Junior high starts in September and that's a whole new world for all of us. The teenaged years await her after this. No more baby stuff. That's something I still have to talk myself into believing is a reality. 

For now, we still have a few days to enjoy the rest of summer holidays, twelve years go by faster than you know. 

Happy Birthday (and many many more to come) Little Girl! 😄🎂

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