The new school year is finally settling down. Things were buzzing with busy for a while with getting ready for school and getting everyone back into the regular scheduled daily routine.

What I like about the routine is that Monday to Friday is work/school days and nights which allows us all to look forward to our weekends once again.

During the summer time, the family tends to stay up a bit later and it was always great to wind things down after a full day of activities with a snack and a movie or show. Now that the routine is falling back into place, we get so busy that we don't watch much tv and if we do we are usually watching something on different devices at different times. 

It's rare that during the day I will sit down and watch something. Unless I'm recovering from an illness or one of my favourite shows just appeared on my list, I keep it for my free evenings. During the day while I'm home with the youngest she keeps the tv glued to her preschooler shows during her allowed "tv time". The older kids will watch a couple of episodes of their new favourite shows after school on the tablet and maybe, if they have time, before bed. Hubby and I wait until they are asleep to catch up on our grown-up shows.

Weekends are seriously for Netflix. Unless we have something important to do that weekend, I don't mind if the kids stay up and hour or two past their weekday bedtimes to watch a movie either together or as a family. 

Friday nights are more or less a wind-down evening. The kids take over the living room and pick a movie to watch together, we often join them and make it a family thing. Hubby and I will watch something more grown-up together once they're asleep. 

The key to a successful family Netflixing night is knowing what's streaming, and of course your snacks! 

This month, Netflix brings some great shows and movies for everyone. Even if your family can never agree on something, you can agree on what to watch on Netflix!

Netflix Original series for the whole family:

Kazoops! New Series 09/02
Kulipari Army of frogs New Series 09/02
Veggie Tales in the house SE4 

Movies the whole family will love: 

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 09/01
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 09/01
Maleficent 09/18
Zootopia 09/20

Put these next ones on your "Must-watch when the kids are sleeping" list!

Netflix Originals:
Easy (New Series) 
Marvel's Luke Cage (New Series)
Narcos SE2 09/02
From Dusk Til Dawn SE3 weekly 09/07
Longmire SE5
The Walking Dead SE6 
Schitt's Creek SE2

Movies for grown-ups:
Bad Neighbours 09/01
Daddy's Home 09/09
Eat Pray Love 09/09
Definitely, Maybe 09/14
Dirty Grandpa 09/22
Red 2 09/26
Zoolander 2 09/30

With these and literally hundreds of more titles to choose from, you shouldn't have any trouble finding entertainment for your next movie night and probably several to come. Enjoy!

Need some tips on throwing an awesome movie night with your family? Read this post

Whatever way you choose to enjoy your movie night and whatever you watch, have fun and Netflix

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  1. Just wish they would show some newer movies, but oh well at least there is something for everyone!!

  2. We're really enjoying family movie nights with the Disney titles on Netflix!


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