What do you mean I have time to actually do my hair? Yes, when we are going out somewhere, as busy as I am, I still take the time to doll myself up now and then. One thing I dislike is my hair. I don't know, maybe I was born with it or maybe it's from years of bad hair products and whatever else I've done to my mop top but most days, it is an uncooperative flat mixed with frizzy, mess. This stuff could scare little kids, my own kids are just used to the scary morning look.  

What helps make it manageable and less embarrassing is using the right products for my hair like shampoo and conditioners I know work. I minimize the styling products that  tend to weigh my already thin hair right down or products that may end up giving me that "I didn't wash my hair in a week" look. Another thing that helps is using the right tools. I use heat when I style. It takes away that "frizzy, beach-hair wannabe" look I end up with if I just simply let it air dry. 

Conair has been an innovative beauty and personal care company for as long as I can remember. Everything from styling products to brushes, hair dryers to straighteners, curlers, and shavers, you can find the right tool for your needs with products from Conair. 

Meet the Infinity Pro Ionic Straightening Brush by Conair

A new way to get straight, sleek and shiny hair without the flatiron. This takes my three step hair routine down by one! 

To get rid of the frizz, I have been using the old  brush and blow dryer or flat iron methods for years. I've tried different types of straighteners until I found one that works for my hair. 

I have always wanted to try a straightening brush. The concept of having two steps in one is amazing for me, anything to help save me time in the bathroom before the kids start banging on the door! 


400°F (204°C) High Heat*
- Advanced Ionic Conditioning
- Silicone Bristles for added shine
- Diamond Ceramic Technology
- 30 seconds instant heat
- Limited time four-year warranty

How it works:

Very simple to use, just plug it in, flip the switch to the setting you want and let it heat up. It only takes 30 seconds to reach full heat! 

It's got three heat settings for every type of hair. I tested it out on medium at first but high seemed to give me the best result for my hair. 

Brush your hair and style it as you usually would! Your hair runs through between the regular and diamond ceramic bristles giving it body with a sleek and shiny look within minutes. Tip: If you have longer, thicker or curly hair, separate and brush your hair in parts instead. 

The results:

For the best results, I let my hair completely air dry naturally after washing and towel drying it. I heated the brush to high and brushed my hair as I would if I was styling it but without the blow dryer. Within minutes my "beach wave wannabe" style was gone! The brush has a 360° rotating wire so it not being cordless isn't a problem. The brush isn't heavy and it literally took minutes to tame the mane. 

Seriously impressive, I did not use any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner from wash through style. Good-bye Flatiron, it's been great but I found better. 

Thanks Conair for sending along the Infinity Pro Ionic Straightening Brush, my hair thanks you too! 

Posted on behalf of Conair. A complimentary product obtained for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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