The spookiest day of the year is only a few more weeks away, the kids keep on reminding me every day. While I've already begun taking out my Halloween decorations and costumes from previous years, the kids haven't exactly decided on what they want to go out trick or treating as yet. 

They're usually pretty good at coming up with ideas way in advance and we have had some great costumes over the years. 

It has been a wishy-washy decision, unlike other years. One day the boy wants to be a zombie and the next he wants to try on one of his old Batman costumes and maybe give it one more go around before retiring it from Halloween fun. 

For the oldest, this may be her last year coming out with her siblings (so she says). She has mentioned she wants to be a "possessed doll" but hasn't really said much more than that. Of course, our Miss M wants to be a princess. Not just any princess, though, she wants to be Elsa from Disney's movie Frozen.

While they are making their final decisions, I am finding Halloween inspiration through their favourite shows on Netflix! If your little one hasn't quite decided on a costume yet, check out these Netflix-inspired  Halloween costumes for little kids with step-by-step instructions you can make in a breeze!

What I like best about DIY costumes like these is that you and your kids can always add things to make them your own. 

These are just a few simple and cute costume ideas to get you started, all it takes is a little inspiration and imagination to be whatever they want to be this Halloween. 

Countdown to Halloween with spooktacular programs streaming this month only on Netflix Canada

Have your kids decided what they want to be yet? 

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