Ghosts and goblins, princess and superheroes will all be decked out tonight going door to door trick or treating. My kids are recycling costumes this year with Miss M being "Batman", Little Guy being a Ninja Turtle and K wanted to be a possessed doll.

Halloween has changed since we were kids. I grew up in a small community, almost the entire town participated in handing out candy, going door to door. I believe they still do that there today.

Not everybody participates nowadays but that's OK. It just makes finding the good houses a little harder, more work for the loot, right? ;-) 

No, Halloween isn't the same as when we were kids but it doesn't make it any less fun for the kids. Going out with them means I tend to participate and dress up somewhat. 

I'm not sure this year, I might just do my hair and makeup and be an undead like last year. It takes forever to get all three kids dressed up and out the door so I like to think up quick ones. Hubby even "dresses up". He wears a lot of Ottawa Sens hockey hoodies and sweatshirts, he claims to dress up as a hockey player every year. We just go with it. 

No matter if you stay home and hand out, go door to door or make your way to a friend's party - have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

Leave a comment below if you are dressing up and tell us what your costume is! 

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