We are just days away from the scariest time of the year, Halloween! The kids have been excited for what seems to be months, they can't wait to put on their costumes and head out trick-or-treating.

We make Halloween a family event, every year. All of us go out (I usually dress up most years) and help the kids navigate their way through the neighborhood, take photos and make memories. One thing we tend to do before heading out for spooky fun is let the kids know what the rules are, even older kids need some reminders sometimes. 

Halloween is meant to be scary and fun, not dangerous!

Here are some great tips and tricks for a happy and safe Halloween:

·       Drive carefully. Ideally, you won’t have to get in your vehicle on Halloween. But if you do, remember there will be scores of excited youngsters roaming the streets, and they could be darting out into the road unexpectedly. Please pay attention.

·       Keep an eye on those kids. Kids can be quick and crafty. To keep them from running out into the road unattended, sampling some candy you haven’t inspected or entering a stranger’s house, don’t divert your attention from their Halloween frivolity.

·       Illuminate from within. The Jack O’Lantern is a time-honoured Halloween tradition. Carve a scary face into the side of pumpkin, put in a candle and voila! a creepy glowing scary face out front of your house. But anytime you are using a live flame, like a candle, there is a risk of fire. Minimize that risk by using small battery-powered lights to give your Jack its spooky aura.

·       Light the way. No question, Halloween is best enjoyed after dark. But it can be treacherous walking to streets with limited visibility after the sun goes down as not all streets are properly lit at night. Best to carry a small flashlight with you to ensure no tripping hazards are in your path. We always have our smartphones on us which have flashlights, just in case. 

·       Charge up. Taking the kids out trick or treating is the Halloween mainstay, the kids decked out in their costumes going door-to-door for some free candy. No doubt you will want to snap some pictures on your mobile phone, coordinate with the parents of your children’s friends, or — worst case — maybe even need your phone in the event of an emergency. It’s not a time you want to be running out of juice. Bring along a portable charger to ensure your phone is ready when you are.

·       Enjoy cautiously. For the kids, it’s all about the candy. Mini chocolate bars, bags of chips, rockets, molasses kisses … by the end of the night their treat bags are a veritable cornucopia of junk food. Parents should closely inspect all of the candy the kids bring home on Halloween, looking closely for any evidence it may have been tampered with. It is also a wise idea to monitor how much they are eating to ensure it stays in balance with a relatively healthy diet. Nobody wants to have nightmares after filling up on too much sugar! 

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