Women play a major role in how the world turns. We have come a long way. We aren't just women, we are sisters, mothers, children,and so much more. I grew up around strong women with my Grandmother, Aunt and of course my own Mother. I have always taken pride in the feeling of empowerment knowing you really can do anything.

Netflix hosts a wide variety of shows with strong leading women who capture the vibrancy of modern day womanhood. These women show diversity, emotional and physical strength, and can relate to women through different generations with different genres to suit your woman power style.

I am so excited about Gilmore Girls returning to Netflix this month! If that isn't a show that captures the essence of all things womanhood, I don't know what is!

Gilmore Girls: A year in the life brings us back to Stars Hollow one last time to catch up with TVs favourite leading ladies of their time, the Gilmore Girls. You can catch the reboot November 25th! I know I can't wait to see what kind of beautiful person Rory Gilmore grew up to be. Throughout the show, her mother raised her to be a strong, independent woman - values I want to teach my own children, especially my daughters.

I watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls earlier this year. It got me thinking about the future with my daughters but also my past, how I grew up into the woman I am today. I think if I had the chance to go back and send a letter or email, it would go something like this:

Keeping with the woman-power theme, Netflix is encouraging readers to check out these letters drafted by a few leading women of Netflix originals to their younger selves - and everyone everywhere - highlighting some of the universal truths, challenges, and wisdom that transcend place and time, that modern women everywhere can relate to. Here are two of my favourites.

If you had the chance to write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? Check out these and more great shows with amazing leading ladies throughout the month of November, only on Netflix

This post was written in participation with the Netflix Canada Stream Team. Opinions and comments on this blog are my own.

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