A few years ago we were introduced to the wild and fun world of Hexbug. Hexbug are robotic bugs developed by Innovation First and come in a variety of bugs and play sets. 

My kids have always had a blast with Hexbug, my son especially since he is old enough to handle them without breaking them. This leaves Miss M, our youngest, not being able to participate in the Hexbug fun because she is still too young to understand not to break toys like these. 

Bring in Hexbugs for little kids - a new line of Hexbug created specifically for little hands like Miss M!  

HEXBUG® Cuddlebots™. Packed with character and cuteness, their squishable bodies vibrate and scurry across the floor! Ages 18-36 months. | MSRP: $11.19 CDN.

With HEXBUG® nano® Junior™ children as young as 18 months can play with a toy just like their older siblings. Due to popular demand, this redesigned macro-sized version of the HEXBUG nano was made specifically with toddlers in mind. Available in a variety of colours (pink, blue, green), these creatures feature 12 legs and rubberized bodies. Using vibration technology, HEXBUG nano Junior is ready to scurry about and delight your little one, perfect for some giggle-worthy playtime. Ages 18-36 months. | MSRP: $9.79 CDN.

Lastly, the HEXBUG® AquaBot™ Wahoo™. These robotic bugs are not like the rest, they swim and swirl in water! Designed to get kids to think about the science behind the robot, watch as the HEXBUG® AquaBot™ Wahoo™ comes to life swimming, diving and changing directions to explore its environment. Available in multiple colours and deco, Wahoo is the fastest HEXBUG AquaBot and features a twist to turn on/off switch and a high speed propeller. Ages 3 and up. | MSRP: $6.99 CDN.

You can learn more about Hexbug and see the entire collection on the official Hexbug website

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Posted on behalf of Hexbug. Complimentary products obtained for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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