Eye care is as important as any other health care, especially with kids. 
We haven't dealt with any of the three kids needing glasses until now.

After a visit to the optometrist a couple of weeks ago, Miss M was diagnosed with Astigmatism and requires prescription glasses to try to correct it. Basically, her eyes aren't focusing together properly. One looks in the direction she wants and the other tends to travel elsewhere. I'm happy this can possibly be corrected with glasses. If glasses don't work, eye patches. If eye patches don't work, surgery. Let's hope our first step with correctional glasses is successful!

So, after her eye exam we headed out to the lobby to choose a pair of frames for her. The first pair she saw had Hello Kitty on them. She really wanted those even before we were picking out glasses for her. Unfortunately, the price wasn't in our range and she is hard on things. I could see those being snapped in half on day one. Instead, we went with a childproof bendy pair. At least if she steps or sits on them they won't break. They showed us the demo pair bending them in every which way, pretty cool! 

Miss M has been looking forward to getting her new glasses. I was also happy to hear that her first pair are free through a program called Eye See Eye Learn. I will post a pic on Instagram when we get them!

She's going to be four in December but she still plays dress up and I'm hoping she understands that her glasses are to help her see and not just a play accessory, she will have to wear them almost all of the time! 

Have you had to introduce glasses to a young child? How was your experience? Leave a comment below! 

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  1. I haven't had to experience my girls needing glasses at a young age, but I can just imagine it's got to be hard on them too, I can see at first that they would be all excited to be getting something new but then not wanting to wear them anymore because they bother them or get made fun of, but hopefully all well go great!!!


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