When I was first pregnant back in 2004, I had little resources (and little clue) into the new parenting world I was about to enter. When we first brought our baby girl home, we had no idea how much our lives had just instantly changed in front of our very eyes. 

In 12 years and 3 kids later, we've learned a thing or two about parenting our kids. Although there are various books, websites and blogs (ahem.) - there is nothing that beats the real life experiences you will have that you never expected. These are the things they don't tell you about parenting! 

You will finally know what real love is. You thought you knew all about love but you did not. Yes, you love your partner but this is a whole new kind of love. The first time you hear your new baby cry, the first time you hold them live, you will know what love is from that moment on. The sleepless nights and frustrated times won't matter when that baby looks up at you and smiles for the first time. You will know love, no matter how big they get.

You will teach and you will learn. That motherly instinct isn't always instant. Babies don't come with a manual. Everything takes practice, being a new mom included. You will teach them and you will also learn from them. It's all part of the parenting gig.

You will hear your mothers voice. One day when you call out to your little precious kids you will hear it: your mothers voice. That familiar voice you knew growing up is now you whether you like it or not. (Btw I love my mom!)

Eating/Drinking will never be the same. You will most likely have to reheat your morning coffee or tea several times, if you're lucky enough to pour one before the kids get up. Dinner will be nuked in the microwave, unless you like it cold or eat your kids leftovers. Snacks don't exist, unless you want to share (by share I mean give it all to the kids) or hide away in the bathroom/closet/bedroom/cubby under the stairs and sneak yourself something sweet. Tip: wait until they are all fast asleep and dig into that ice cream mama!

Pinterest isn't always real. Those super neat and tidy living rooms with kids playing happily, perfect lunches, unwrinkled laundry, awesome crafts - forget it. Before you know it you're stepping on yesterday's dried up, whatever fell onto the floor, throwing last nights leftovers into a lunch bag and wondering when you will ever get the glitter out of your hair as you rewash the load you forgot in your machine from the day before. Seriously, life isn't always perfect and that's OK!

You will make mistakes. Your job is to learn by them. Your job is to not beat yourself up over them. Everybody makes mistakes, even the best put together looking parents.

You will have good days and bad days. That's OK! Some days I feel like an award winning mom-of-the-moment and others I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Those are the times we need to sit back and remember we are only humans trying our best to raise little humans.

Each stage is different in its own way. From babies to toddlers, Tweens to teens - every stage of your child's life is also a new chapter in your life as a parent. Embrace changes and enjoy the enjoyable moments.

Time goes by too quickly. Everybody says it and it's the truth. It's 2017 and my oldest daughter will be 13, my son is 8 and my youngest baby just turned 4. My parents are grandparents X3 and have changed so much over the years. Cherish the small moments and let go of the trivial things that don't really matter. Keep the negative moments out and let the positive ones flow in. In the end the good memories are all you need. One day you'll miss that yesterday's dried up, whatever fell onto the floor, leftover lunches and glitter in your hair.

All fun aside, being a mom of 3 isn't always easy (I wonder how you moms of many more do it on the daily, kudos to you!) but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

What have you learned that they just didn't tell you about being a parent? Share in the comments below!

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  1. What a lovely post! I smiled at "Pinterest isn't always real" and "You will hear your mother's voice". Indeed. I still have those "when did I become my mother?" moments. But I'm pretty okay with that! And she'd NEVER go on Pinterest.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Louise and I'm glad you enjoyed this post! When I had K in 2004 there was no Pinterest but I thought I'd throw that one in for the newer mommies. I've also heard my mothers voice. It shocked me at first and then it clues in ...what they say IS true! A little laugh for the day! ��


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