My family is not completely honest with each other. As much as we all try, we each have failed at one point or another and have cheated on a family member or two. 

Netflix cheated. I know, how could we? 46% of global streamers cheat, we can't help it. It's just so hard to press pause!

Husband vs Wife 

We finally get to lay down in bed after a long day, both looking forward to a show we have been wanting to binge watch together for a while like The OA, Narcos or Stranger Things. We get through an episode or two and enjoy them but then it happens, one of us falls asleep (namely me) and the other left awake (namely hubby) will be so into the show that several episodes go on before he realizes he just Netflix cheated. 

Sometimes it's done deliberately and I have zero shame in admitting it! I threaten to cheat when hubby doesn't feel like watching one of our shows and I do...well let me just get my iPad and headphones out while you enjoy that movie instead...

Of course, our rule is if you cheat, you rewatch with the one who missed out the first round. 

Sibling vs Sibling

My kids like watching shows together but have different bedtimes. On occasion my oldest will go ahead and watch a show without her brother only resulting in him being upset that he cheated and went on watching without her, he too wanted to see what happens next!

Parents vs the kids

We will watch a movie or a show together on Friday night. Well, these movies or shows sometimes need to be screened and who better to do that than mom and dad! Yes, there are ratings but you never know right? That's our story and we're sticking to it! Screening is not necessarily cheating when you are protecting your young! :-P

We love sharing time together getting in great entertainment from Netflix. I am happy though that there is enough variety, all of us can pick something to binge solo and not have the cheating guilt.

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Oh, Canada our home and native land - what a beautiful country we live in. Across our nation we have much to celebrate from gorgeous natural scenery to a rich heritage coast-to-coast, every province tells its story. No wonder we are all so proud to be Canadian!

This year, Canada is celebrating it's 150th and there is so much going on right here in our capital city! From parties, exhibits, special events and more, we are celebrating our country in all its glory throughout 2017! 

You love your country and you draw/paint, this is your chance to show what Canada really means to you through your artwork! 

Carlingwood Shopping Centre (along with other 20VIC managed properties across the country) is looking for Ottawa's talented artists 18+ to create beautiful murals reflecting our countries past, present, and future in celebration of the Canada 150 Artist Installation for Canada's 150th birthday!

The grand prize winner's creative artwork will win them a very nice prize including an honourarium of $1000 in their name, having their art displayed at Carlingwood Shopping Centre leading up to the 2017 Canada Day celebrations plus they'll even help show off the winning art with promotion and PR support!

Just think, your art (or maybe the art of someone you  know) could serve as a beautiful focal point and landmark in Carlingwood as well as a backdrop for their upcoming Canada 150 "selfie" contest and more!

What are you waiting for?

If you have an artistic idea that would be perfect for the Canada 150 Artist Installation at Carlingwood Shopping Centre the deadline for submission is March 14th, 2017! The official winners all across Canada will be unveiled on May 1st, 2017 and stay on display at local participating shopping malls up until Canada Day!

Please visit the Carlingwood Shopping Centre website for full prize details, instructions and official contest rules! 

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Winter has me feeling like a bear, staying indoors and avoiding the cold weather as much as possible. It's got my fashion sense to an all time low with warm sweatpants and sweaters, I may or may not have been wearing thick socks with panda faces on them. 

This winter hibernation phase won't last forever. I bet I am not the only one dreaming of the warmer days. It's time to put a new sleek look from Svelte Shapewear into the wardrobe!

Not wanting to completely ditch my comfy style, the Wide Leg Leggings work for my needs. They are all-season ready for any occasion. The flared ankle draws the eye all the way up, giving a leg lengthening effect. To top off the dramatic result is the waistband which gives you a slender physique. 

I am used to wearing tight, stretchy black pants. They have become part of my everyday attire whether I'm staying in or going out. They go with casual or fancier tops and can be thrown on in a hurry.

Although I still love my regular black pants the Svelte Shapewear look and feel great on. They are tighter than what I'm used to (and honestly maybe I could have gotten away with a bigger size) but their not "muffin top" tight, which is good because that is not a good look to sport. Overall, impressed with the quality, comfort and that they do cater to what a woman would need when looking for a higher-end stretchy pant! Dressy enough to wear out, stretchy enough for a workout!

This is just one style of shapewear pants Svelte has to offer. They also have denim and a new line of tank tops! 

You can see the entire line of Svelte Shapewear by visiting the official website!

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We do everything for our kids, we love them and we make sure all of their needs are met every single day of our adult lives, it's all part of the parenting gig. When Valentine's Day comes along, as much as I love to include them and show them how much mommy and daddy love them, I tend to want to put them in bed a little bit earlier so that us adults can spend some quality alone time together - with a bit of Netflix!

This month you can settle down with your honey and tune into some great programming - for grownups! 

For the romantic couple:

I have my moments when I am in the mood for something lighthearted, something that will tear at the emotional love heart strings. You might want to have a box of kleenex while watching these.

PS I Love You 
The Longest Ride
The Time Travelers Wife
Valentines Day
The Princess Bride
Kate & Leopold

For the couple who have been together forever:

Romance is all fine and dandy but it doesn't matter what you're watching, as long as it's together. You are one of those couples who has "their shows" and watch them together religiously.

Netflix Original Series - Santa Clarita Diet
Netflix Original Series - Lovesick
Netflix Original Series - Love
Riverdale - weekly episodes
Mr. Right

For the solo celebrator:

Not everybody is in a couple and that's OK, call up your single BFF and have some fun on Valentines Day! 

Brides Maids
How to lose a guy in 10 days
Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club
Ali Wong Baby Cobra
Far from the madding crowd

Anti-Valentines Day:

You stumbled upon this post and don't really care about Valentine's Day, there's something for you too, my friend!

Netflix Original Clinical
Netflix Original I am the pretty thing that lives in the house
Green Room
You're Next

However you celebrate and whatever you watch, have a happy Valentine's Day! 

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Even though Valentine's Day is just one day, I always call February "the month of love". Although I would love to have a private (meaning grownups only) dinner alone with my better half but I can make you a list of reasons why that isn't possible. Instead, we take the day to show our love to each other as a family and make it a point to spend some alone time in the evening, even if it's just watching a movie and ordering in. 

I am one who likes to give little tokens of love when I can, I'm a gift giver by nature. If I can give, I will. I don't expect anything in return except for a smile and Valentine's Day is no exception. Don't expect Christmas in February but I like to give a little token of my love to show I am thinking about them on a special day. 

Step aside chocolates and roses (well, maybe just the roses)! This year, Hallmark Canada sent me a preview of what you can find in store for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day! 

For the fashionista:

For your mom, your sister, your daughter or your BFF; these cute and trendy gifts will surely warm your hearts!

Pink Eyeglasses Case $16.95
Marbled Wristlet Purse $19.95

Lips Mirror Compact $16.95

For the writer:

Apple Paperweight $24.95

Colour Block Cork Journal $16.95

Cork Coasters $24.95

For the wine lover:

You won't even need the actual wine to put a smile on their face! 

Lightbulb Bottle Stopper $12.95

Cheers to Us Stemless Wineglasses $19.95 - Promo $9.95

For the classroom:

For those with little ones who give out class Valentine's, Hallmark has some cute ones for their special friends and teachers!

Valentine Emoticons Tray $2.99

Gift your love with beautiful wrapping options:

It all starts with the wrapping. Hallmark always has an amazing assortment to make your gift look its best for presentation! 

Love on White tissue $1.99

Red and White Spiral tissue $2.49

Signature Marble medium bag $7.99

Signature xoxo small bag $6.99

Valentine's Day Greetings:

Of course what is a Valentine's gift without a beautiful and meaningful greeting card? Choose from a gorgeous assortment ($3.99-$9.99) in store!

Find these great items and more at Hallmark Canada stores near you! Happy Valentine's Day! 


One lucky AME reader has the chance to win an Apple Paperweight ($24.95 value). Please fill in the entry ballot below! 

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Valentine's Day is next week and kids are bringing home (if they haven't already) a class list of little friends they want to give Valentines to. Although I tend to always go the store bought route (easier and faster when we have more than one kid handing out 25+ Valentines) but the kids love making crafts for special occasions, Valentine's Day included.

They can sit at the table for hours creating things for the occasion. Now that they are a little older they can pretty much do it themselves with little to no help from me. It's nice to see them be proud of something they made themselves for their friends for Valentine's Day. 

If you are looking for something your kids can make for their little friends, here is a list of amazingly creative ideas from my fellow bloggers to get you started! 

Have fun!

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