The kids are just days away from finishing school; I can hardly wait. I think I may even be more excited about summer holiday than they are. I say "holiday" instead of "vacation". We don't really go anywhere but it's a holiday from such a scheduled day-to-day! 

While summer is more relaxed when it comes to the regular "school year routine", family life is still very busy. We are usually on constant go mode with activities; I love summer. I like to be out enjoying as much of it as I can. We aren't doing camps and the kids aren't enrolled in any sports but our summer is still jam packed. Camping at the grandparent's visits to other grandparents, family BBQs, water park visits, celebrating birthdays and more.

In our family, we like to settle down in the evenings after a busy day and relax; both adults and kids. Sometimes we watch shows and movies together and some of the time (thanks to multiple screens) we sit and unwind with what we each enjoy; our favorite Netflix shows and movies.

As a fun way to unwind, take your kids on a special journey and explore with the help of Netflix. Travel has proven to be a great way to open kids' eyes to new and diverse worlds; with Netflix, you can introduce your kids to the vast Arctic Plains with Frozen Planet or deep into the depths of the jungles with Wild Ones. There are so many options with Netflix, you can virtually take them anywhere.  Start the fun by downloading this super cool Netflix printable passport and take them on a journey they won't forget!

For even more fun, check out Netflix newest addition to family entertainment Dreamworks Puss In Book: Trapped In An Epic Tale. This is a new kind of show which introduces interactive watching capabilities and puts the storytelling power in the hands of the most important audience member--kids. Kind of like a new-age "choose your own adventure", you have to see it believe it! 

Click here to download free printable colouring books to turn screen time into activity time. Don't forget to show off your little artists work with hashtag #Streamteam! 

Have fun!

Posted in participation with the Netflix #StreamTeam. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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