We are already half way through July, the summer time seems to go by too quickly. Throughout the outings and fun we've been having, I found myself thinking: this is one of the last few summers that we'll have all of our kids around. Maybe not, I could end up with adult children who forever want to live in their childhood bedroom, I can't predict the future but they aren't babies anymore.

Long gone are the days of late night feedings, dirty clothes, and smelly diapers. I feel as though I'm saying goodbye to one chapter and saying hello to a new one in my life, my book is getting thicker; I am still mom, I'll always be mom but I am no longer that new mom. I no longer have to worry about all things baby. I am a mom of bigger kids now and these kids are growing up fast; if I blink I might miss something. They're not babies anymore.

With a new chapter will come new challenges for both kids and us parents; we are now raising a teen, a tween and a school-ager. Being a parent, every day is an adventure, even when they aren't babies anymore. Don't worry, I'll still be writing my motherhood journey, one experience at a time! 

Let's enjoy the rest of this summer and make some memories because they're not babies anymore. 

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