My oldest daughter is having a birthday next month. We have been throwing around ideas for her party since the summer began and when I say we, I mean she. Having a birthday close to back to school time means mom and dads funds are limited. 

After some serious consideration, she's decided on something we can both live with: a couple of girl friends over for an afternoon of movies, snacks, and fun. Finishing off with cake or cupcakes (that she hasn't made a solid decision on yet). I think this could work out quite well for someone like me who is the furthest thing away from a professional party planner.

The planning has begun! We are going to transform part of the house into a teenaged movie party room. Either the basement living room or the one upstairs, we will see how that goes with two younger kids around. Either space has plenty of seating room for the girls to relax and have fun.  

The one problem with having a summer birthday is that the birthday girl is on summer break and around me almost ALL of the time which makes it difficult to be any kind of sneaky when it comes to getting things for her birthday be it gifts or other fun party items

I like being able to shop online for some things and have them delivered, it beats bringing everyone out to the store and although it's not a surprise party, I can still be sneaky with her present! 

Stay tuned in August for an update on our 13th birthday party fun!

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  1. That sounds like a great way to spend her birthday celebration with friends!

  2. Now she wants three friends but only for the afternoon; I'm going to attempt "Supernatural" cupcakes! Should be a fun time for her!


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