July is almost over, it's hard to believe we will be saying "back to school" soon enough. Until then we will continue enjoying our summer holidays. The city can get overwhelming in the summer. We live across the street from a park and pool. It's nice but it can get loud and crowded pretty fast. I like to have quiet from time to time, life is hectic enough. We've been leaving the noise of the city for day trips on the weekends to visit family out of town. When I say out of town, I mean there is no cell phone reception, out of town and that's fine with me.

Beautiful view of a beach we went to while visiting family at Lac D'Argile; the kids love swimming in the lake (it's super warm on really sunny days). I forgot my bathing suit the last time we went but next time, I'm going in! 

Off to the park after swimming! They burn the left over afternoon energy before supper and we can take a short (but much needed) break with some adult conversation.  

What better way to warm up a chilly evening than a camp fire? The kids were amazed when their grandfather lit it up. I, on the other hand, was paranoid and kept nagging them to back away from it; you never know! It was pretty though, something mesmerizing about the dancing flames. 

We arrive early and leave just before the sun goes down; living in the city, I think we tend to forget the beauty this planet has to offer. I'll get more pictures on our next trip to Lac D'Argile, we'll be taking a special ride with Ford! 

Stay tuned for more summer fun! 

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