With hectic school-time schedules now weeks behind us, we are enjoying our summer holidays spending time doing things as a family. From swimming to visiting the camp site to waterslides and day trips just because, whatever we are doing, we can be sure our feet will love summer as much as the rest of us with new Skechers summer kicks!

While hubby enjoys his flip flops and sandals as much as the next guy; he still wears shoes during the hot summer months. That's what ankle socks are made for, right? I really like these Skechers Citywalk - Elison. They're casual and comfortable but don't lean too much into the typical "running shoe" look which makes them great for different summer occasions wearing shorts or pants.

Staying away from my shoes, our oldest, K will be wearing a new pair of Skechers YOU - inspire (in gray) this summer. Comfy and lightweight, they are a perfect shoe for a young lady to Sport.

I was lacking in the sandals department. Up until last fall, our oldest daughter could fit into my shoes, slippers, and sandals. This often resulted in her borrowing and eventually taking over most of my footwear. I'm kind of happy she's a size bigger now; I know she won't take over my new Skechers Reggae Slim - Keep Close sandals. I had better keep my pedicure intact because I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these comfy babies this summer.

Putting on shoes can be a task for little kids. When you're getting ready to go somewhere, laces can take forever or not get tied at all. Miss M has always done best with slip on or velcro shoes. Skechers Bobs Pureflex - Sporty Chic II bring comfort and ease in a lightweight summer slip on shoe. We chose this colour because she loves pink but they do come in other colours also.

You can find these and more fantastic summer footwear on the Skechers Canada website!

Stay tuned for a special feature on shoes for kids that like a little light in their lives! ;-)

Posted on behalf of Skechers Canada. Complimentary shoes received for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of the author.

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  1. I don't have the sandals but I do have the really light runners that you can wash. I wear them to walk to work even when its +35C out because they are so airy feeling.

    1. I love my running shoes and my new sandals! I've got hip problems and the soft memory foam makes a huge difference; I can wear a pair of Skechers all day without resulting in foot cramps! #truestory


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