The last few weeks of summer have been spent organizing the kids who are heading back to school in just a few days and I've been attempting to reorganize the house a little. I think I'll make better progress once the kids are officially back in the full swing of school. They say to take it one room at a time, that's what I've been doing!

The basement (laundry room) was cleaned and organized in mid-July after our neighbours clogged their basement plumbing causing a flood in ours. Thankfully we are smart enough to use laundry baskets and bins, not leaving things directly on the floor of the laundry room, in the case of accidents just like that.

The kitchen got a redo as far as organizing the cupboards go. The cupboard I keep everything plastic containers had been rampaged by the kids and myself, always in a hurry to grab a container and have to dig around for a matching lid. I ended up recycling a whole bin of just lids. Insane, I know! It looked like something from hoarders. I did order new containers for the upcoming school year. I also got rid of old travel mugs; no matter how well you wash them they're just no good after a while. They get gross, they get tossed and replaced with new ones.

My closet is tiny but I managed to organize it a little better. I tend to do a clothing purge twice a year so that wasn't an issue, there are always spare clothes hangers. I noticed I have gathered a small collection of shoes. I should probably get a closet shoe shelf instead of line them up across already limited space on the closet floor. Bags, wow I have bags! To save space I folded them up neatly and put them all into my large suitcase. If ever I travel again, I'll figure out what to do with those bags like a closet bag hanger; could also be used to organize my row of shoes. Now if I could get hubby interested in sorting through the two boxes of clothes he hasn't touched in years, that would be great!

The linen closet still needs work but my mom gave us some new towels so it gave me an excuse to refold just about everything the kids attempted to fold (aka scrunched up or just shoved in between other towels) in the closet.

The kid's rooms are just, I can't even find a nice word for it; they need a lot of work. I haven't had the chance to get to that part yet but I have big plans for the fall. You know, once they are in school and I can go crazy getting rid of stuff giving their rooms a real do-over. At least I managed to sort through their clothes, donate what doesn't fit and bag the summer clothes for next year.

I'm sure I'm missing a few things on my Fall to-do list!

What do you do to get ready for the upcoming season?

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  1. I know we need to do it, but...gosh, we fight over what should go and what should stay lol


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