Evening time is my "adult time" (get your heads out of the gutter), the time after the kids have finally fallen asleep (you can tell by the symphony of snores echoing through the hallway) and one of the only times the better half and I can sit down, relax and possibly watch something; uninterrupted.

The thing is, he and I have different tastes in movies and often different moods. For example, I may be in the mood for something slower like Atypical or a movie like To the Bone, while he wants to one of "his shows" like Marvel's The Defenders or a movie like Star Wars Rogue One. How do we persuade our partners in Netflixing to watch what we want for once?

We could just go into separate rooms or sit together in the same room on different devices but what fun is in that? Absolutely none! When I get into a brand new show I like seeing his reactions and having someone to comment on episodes with. I do like time to myself to binge watch shows I know just are not his style no matter how much convincing but when we both have an interest in a show, it gives a new meaning to the term "Netflix and Chill". 

In all honesty, it is as simple as taking turns. Kind of like what we try to teach our kids about sharing; he picks something one night and the next is my turn, so on and so forth. Often one of us will pick something the other turns their nose at only to find out, in the end, it was worth the watch. 

Check out the fun graphic below which could help you persuade your next binge partner to just sit down and watch it with you already!

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Netflix always has new binge-worthy originals, new seasons and new movies coming every month. This month you can persuade your family to watch these gems! 

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