It's official: all three kids are in school full-time. I adore my three kids but wow, that was a long summer.

People ask me what I'll do with all of my "free time". What free time? Just because the kids are in school doesn't mean I don't have other obligations (hello blog?) and plenty of productive things (hello blog?) to fill my time with. Plus, I can do it all without the distraction of someone needing a drink, snack or some other thing they REALLY didn't need to bug me for, every five minutes.

Our week began on Tuesday with the older two starting grades 4 and 8. I give them credit for being on the ball when it came to getting back into the swing of things in the morning. It helps to be organized the night before, I told them! 

There weren't very many complaints from our oldest two after the first day of school. K couldn't remember her locker combination so we got her an easier lock to handle but that was the height of this weeks drama. Grade 8 is stressful enough without a panic attack at break time. Our boy likes his class, he likes his friends and he likes his teacher. He's always been positive when it comes to school. I hope he keeps that attitude. 

Little Miss M started her first year of school on Thursday. That was the scary part; Kindergarten here she comes! She was excited all summer to ride the bus and be able to go to school. She climbed off that bus the first afternoon with a huge smile; she loves kindergarten and I'm so happy about that. One of my worries was her transition from being at home with me full time to being at school with a bunch of strangers all day. Two days in and she had nothing but smiles. That was until she realized it's the weekend and she doesn't get to take the big yellow bus nor go to school for two whole days.

We talked her through her tears and she is looking forward to getting up bright and early on Monday for her first full week of school.

Our first week was tiring but we made it with as few bumps along the way as possible. Now, let's enjoy the weekend and hope week 2 goes as well! 

Did your kids start school recently? Share your first week in the comments below! :)

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