Warning: This post may cause "phantom itching".

Our kids started school this week. If you've got a kid in school for the first time get ready for it; the dreaded L-word could be coming to your house for an unwelcome visit.

Ah the lice letter; a little note tucked away in your child's bag letting you know SOMEONE in the class has a case of the itches and you should check your kids asap!

- Whether you think your child has them or not is to get a good Comb and do a weekly check just in case. You can buy single combs, electric combs or generic plastic combs that will do the trick. 

- Comb the hair when it's wet and do it thoroughly, on every head in your home. If you find some on one kid chances are you and their siblings may have picked them up too. 

- Myth: Lice like dirty hair! Nope. They like it clean. You like your kid's hair clean too. Try Fairy Tales Repel Shampoo. It smells gorgeous and it repels the little suckers from wanting to make a meal of your kid. They also make a conditioner for extra protection plus this stuff leaves the hair silky smooth. It's probably my new favourite lice prevention kit! 

- Preventative Spray is also really good for helping keep them away between shampoo washes.

If you do happen to run into head lice, don't panic. They sound a lot worse than they are. If you google search "head lice" there are tons of informative websites if you aren't educated on the creepy crawlers. Harmless doesn't mean we want them to stay around though! I've heard things can spread like wildfire if not properly taken care of.

You not only have to check and wash all heads in the house but fabrics that were touched by anyone's head as well. 

- Make sure to check out your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to direct you to the best lice solution treatment they have. Use as directed and follow these tips to help you prevent those unwanted pests from coming back!

- Wash all bedding, towels, pillows, and clothing anyone with lice has been using in the past few days; dry it on high heat. Bag any stuffed animals or other decorative pillows that you can't wash for at least two weeks.

If worse comes to worse and you just can not do it yourself, you can always hire a local service to do the dirty work for you or go see your doctor for some expert advice! :) 

Post contains affiliate links sponsored by Amazon. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. I am in no way a medical expert, I am simply sharing parent to parent knowledge through my experiences. 

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