It's that time of year again; the one night everyone can get away with dressing up in a costume and nobody will bat an eyelash. Halloween is only a few more weeks away! We love Halloween at our house! Just like any celebration, it's fun for everyone who is in the spirit of things.  

I enjoy digging out the Halloween decorations and decorating the house, carving the pumpkins and helping the kids figure out what they want to be. Usually, the kids are the only ones who dress up but there have been times where the whole family joined in. Like that time I wore hubby's Sons of Anarchy hoodie with my leather boots, did my hair and makeup and went out as a "biker chick". 

As each Halloween passes, we see how much the kids have grown and continue to grow. It reminds us that this won't last forever. They won't always want to go out with Mom and dad, why not make this year fun for everyone!

You guessed it, hubby and I will be going out dressed up as a duo. Yes, we will still be the kid's chauffeur, bodyguards, and candy sorters but at least we are prepared to have some spooky fun!

So, what did we choose? Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf; awesome right?!

His wolf costume came with a scary wolf mask, tattered lumberjack shirt, and wolf gloves (pictured above). We shopped a bit and found a big faux wolf tail to go with it. All we need to do now is get an old pair of pants to rip up a bit and voila; we have our big bad wolf!  Just a tip: the costume may scare little kids so make sure you let them know it's you under that mask!

For my costume, Red Riding Hood (I dropped the "little" because I'm 5'9" tall and that just sounds weird). I found a gorgeous (and inexpensive) long red hooded cape. I'll pair it with a red shirt and black pants; I would do a dress but chances are on an October evening, it might be a bit nippy out. I plan to go all out with hair and makeup though! Curling my hair and red lipstick! I'll top off the costume with a wicker basket filled with random props for humour.

Both of our adult costumes cost under $100 together with great Halloween finds from Amazon and using items we already have here at home. We can't wait to make some memories this Halloween! 

Do you go out for Halloween? Do you and your kids have your costumes planned out? Stay tuned throughout October for more Halloween fun here on AME! 

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  1. I am also going to be the big bad wolf disguised as Grandma for my kindergarten students and my teaching partner will be little Red Riding Hood (she has red hair.)


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