Kids ask the darndest things at the darndest times; usually, during tv time my kids can do more talking than watching. With curious minds, they come to me while streaming an episode of Justin Time  wondering “How far away is the moon?”, while the StoryBots will have them thinking up all sorts of questions like “How do airplanes fly?” and “Why is the sky blue?”. I am supposed to also be an encyclopedia of knowledge, answering all of my children's burning questions about the world around them. Three kids and this many questions, mama needs some help sometimes.

I may not be as knowledgeable as an encyclopedia but thanks to good old Google, I can at least pretend, for the kids. I don't know how my parents did it before the internet. Whether it’s the new way they’re learning math or they’re asking these science questions that seem much more sophisticated than their age (thanks, Magic School Bus Rides Again), I can keep these talkative family TV time moments intact with Google in the palm of my hand.

What's on Netflix this month?

For the little ones, new episodes of Word Party are now streaming on Netflix, and don’t miss the launch of Super Monsters on October 13th just in time for Halloween. For the older kids, blast into action with new seasons of Skylanders Academy and Voltron: Legendary Defender

Right in time for Halloween, the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 when the return to Hawkins - and the Upside Down - comes to Netflix on October 27. I can't wait to watch! 

Don't forget to keep an eye out on the AME Facebook page for a special Stranger Things giveaway! ;-)

Happy Streaming! 

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