With Santa letters written and my mind set on the holidays, it's time to start talking decorations. Oh yes, we just finished our fall fun but now it gets serious because Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of the year. 

We are a family who uses the same decorations year after year, adding the odd new item every now and then. Last year, I noticed some of our decorations looking a bit drab, old and used. Don't worry, we always keep the kids' handmade decorations they have lovingly given us every year since they were preschoolers. 

We received our artificial tree as a gift a few years ago and it's in pretty good shape for another round of holiday fun this year. I think our next tree will be something like this prelit white tree. There's just something about the white that would make colourful decorations just pop! 

Garland. It fills the tree, it makes the tree but I don't have enough to go around the tree. Since our decor is so mixed and matched I think this white garland will give our tree a natural, snowy look.

Christmas stockings are all part of the fun and we don't have an actual mantel to hang them off of; Santa usually just places them around the gifts under the tree. This year, I'd like to have a set of these cute Christmas stocking hooks that can be placed on a mantle, shelf, or wall unit. We just recently painted our living room so nail holes in the walls are out of the question. The hooks would be perfect! 

I'm tempted to take Christmas decorating into the kitchen and buy these cute Snowman Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers !  They attach by velcro so I think we are safe from the dogs wanting to pull them off like they did with my festive oven mitts set.

Now, to get busy and start digging through the boxes of holiday memories! How do you decorate for the holiday season? 

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  1. Do you know where the green hearts in your picture come from? They caught my eye.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm not sure exactly. The image is from a bundle I downloaded a while back via Death To Stock photo. I wish I could find those exact ones to buy myself!


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