Choosing our children’s way of education is an important decision we have to make at a fairly early age. I know we were discussing school options long before our babies were even ready for preschool. There are so many questions to ask when choosing where to send our children to school and to me, the only way to make a good decision is to make an educated decision based on what’s best for my family and my kids.

Growing up both my spouse and I attended Catholic schools. That means we were exposed to the kinds of morals and value systems that we now want our children to grow up with: kindness, generosity, the value of friends and the everlasting love of family. The decision for us was a simple one: Catholic school for all.

Times have sure changed but one thing hasn’t; having our kids in Catholic school has opened them up to a world of new experiences and learning values that we strongly believe in. Our elementary and high school are great examples. They are very community-based and everyone is treated like one big family. The teachers, especially for the younger aged children understand that education is more than just ABC’s and 123’s.

Catholic teachers promote fairness, compassion, respect, concern for social justice and the environment as priority values to help their students become engaged and contributing citizens. In fact, graduates from Catholic schools even participate in elections, donations to charities, and volunteer in their communities at very high rates.

Catholic teachers teach lessons for life. They help shape the characters and values of the children they teach; because, in the end, life is the real test. I am proud to have chosen a Catholic school from the beginning. With the right positive guidance, my kids will be set for life after school.

Learn more about Catholic Teachers by visiting www.catholicteachers.ca/LessonsForLife.

This post is part of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers #catholicteachers sponsored program. I received compensation as thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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  1. My daughter was in this board until the third grade. While she was there, she had a fabulous experience with her teachers. She really learned a lot and they looked out for her when any issues arose.


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