Subscription gift boxes have become all the rave; you can get just about any kind you can think of from personal care to personal indulges. Do you know somebody who has a sweet tooth and a big love for all things candy? I confess, I do. I am that somebody. 

How about monthly candy subscription? Yes, please!

Introducing, Candy Experience.

Founded by Shirleen and Shaun, Candy Experience is a family owned business from Winnipeg M.B. sharing the most amazing candy they find with fellow Canadians in a lovely monthly subscription box - perfect gift idea for the candy lover this Christmas! 

Each box comes with 6-7 bags of different candies (some may be sour, some sweet, some salty and some sassy!), up to three pounds of deliciousness for $29.95, 3 or 6-month subscriptions! Other smaller boxes come with 4-5 bags of different candies for $21.95 also with 3 or 6-month choices. Shipping is $9.95. 

I was thrilled when Candy Experience sent me my very own box of goodness! In my box I received: 
Sour Power Berry/Blue Belts

WOW! Pack a punch with sweet and sour mixed together at once! These Dutch candies are certainly up there on my YUM list! They are soft and chewy with a good punch of fruit flavour mixed with sourness from the sour sugar on them! 

Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

Always a favourite of mine, these ones certainly don't disappoint. They are soft, chewy and sweet. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth. I had to be careful not to eat the whole bag in one sitting. 

Root Beer Bottles

Fun and flavourful, these Root Beer Bottles bring me back to my childhood when we'd get penny candy at the corner store. These ones are chewy and full of root beer flavour! 

Allan Mini Raspberries

These little jujube candies are hard to resist. Soft and chewy with full raspberry flavour we have all grown to love from Allan candy. 

Sour Fruit Slices

A zesty assortment of tiny bite-sized tangy sour candies in six popping flavours including cherry, orange, grape, lemon, lime and watermelon. For a sour candy, these were irresistible and hard to put down! 

Strawberry Apple Wrench

These give a good chew, very tangy and a bit more sour than the fruit slices. Not my favourite candy of the bunch but the better half and the kids really loved them! 

Strawberry Fruitful Bonbons

We used to get these from our grandparent's house when we were kids. Made in Argentina these are a classic strawberry candy with a fruity filling, even the wrapper looks like a strawberry. 

Overall, I am impressed! Everything came in a neat little-personalized package and the assortment of candy in my Candy Experience box was incredible! Everything is delicious and very fresh! 

Visit www.Candy.ca to check out different boxes past and present for the people on your holiday shopping list because who doesn't love candy delivered to their door! 

Posted on behalf of Candy Experience (previously Candy.ca). Complimentary product received in exchange for coverage. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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