Christmas is just around the corner and we are preparing for the festivities; we finally got our tree up! Everybody is super excited, the kids can't wait to be on Christmas break from school. 

While this time of year is a whirlwind of events from shopping to decorating, cooking, baking and having a houseful of people, keep in mind our furry friends this holiday season. Don't forget the pets! 

The food may look good but...not all food is good for them. Dogs can be pretty sneaky when it comes to giving those "puppy" eyes to visitors who may not know any better than to think to share their food with them. Remind guests not to feed the pets and be careful they don't pick anything up off of the floor. A simple treat to you could be deadly for them such as turkey bones, chocolate or sugary foods (especially artificial sweeteners!). Even though it may not be appealing to them once they smell that turkey dinner, it's always wise to serve the dogs their own dog food meal, maybe make it a can as a special treat! 

Dogs like presents too! Every Christmas our dogs are included on Santas list. They enjoy getting new treats, toys and even new dog blankets every year, they even unwrap their own presents! Just be careful of any chewers who may enjoy the wrapping more than the actual gift. 

Nervous Nellies. We have chihuahuas and one of them, in particular, is not that great when it comes to strangers or even people we know well coming into her home. They're big, they're loud and they scare her! To comfort her, she has a safe zone along with the other dogs, a special pet bed she can run to and sit in when she feels overwhelmed. Worst case, she also has access to a private pet crate she can hide in and feel safe. 

Don't forget the extra love. Make your pet feel extra special this holiday (and every day) with lots of extra love, they'll thank you for the extra attention. The best gift we can give them is our love. 

These are just a few tips to help you have a safe and happy holiday season with your furry friends! 

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