Just a little update, why it’s been a little quiet here on #AMEBlog...

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!

I honestly thought it was something that would go away within a few days, we’ve all pulled a muscle before.

It’s been two weeks of “taking it easy” due to a back injury; my lower back. I’ve been updating my healing progress over on my other blog (you can read about me almost catching fire there too!) and have been working on my creative writing blog while I’m down for the count. “Taking it easy” isn’t easy for me. I’m always in the need to be busy doing something.

I’ve had to swallow my pride and delegate tasks to everybody else in the house and it’ll be like this for a few more weeks at least. I can do some things, I have to do some things. Sitting idle won’t help. Most people would take this as a blessing and tell me to let everyone else take care of me but it is no blessing when you’re suffering chronic pain. It’s very difficult when you’re so used to being the number one that everyone comes to for everything they need, now the tables have turned.

It’s really hard to try and take care of yourself when you’re worried about taking care of everybody else. I’m lucky to have my better half by my side. I know it must be hard without me there to take the extra loads of life but he does what he has to do just the same. The kids have been trying their best, they don’t fully understand and I’m sure it’s not easy for them. My son is always concerned if I leave my walking cane too far from reach. My oldest daughter who usually rolls her eyes when asked a task, kept her eyeballs in her head this time.

We’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible except miss M didn’t take well to the change in bus stop chauffeur’s over the past two weeks. Mommy usually takes her and big brother but lately its been daddy who is in charge of the afternoon pick up, he’s been doing both. After a couple of days she looked forward to the morning walks.

Today is Friday and as a treat for helping out extra the past while, the kids got to take a trip to the dollar store with their Dad and pick out a few surprises.

For now I’ll continue to “take it easy”, let my minions help me out, do my stretches and try to get past this hurdle that decided to pop up so soon into 2018.

**Stay tuned for more on #AMEblog in the coming weeks including some reviews, a fun gel polish tutorial for you beauty DIYer’s and maybe a few giveaways😉!**

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  1. I hope you are feeling better sooner than later,take it easy and relax !


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