We’ve all been there, pushed to our limits and losing our cool. Whether it be from sleepless nights of an unhappy infant to multiple wakings from boogie mans in the closet or the constant young teenager power struggle, we all need a moment to calm down when we’ve had enough.

Time outs aren’t just for toddlers.
Even grown ups can feel overwhelmed from time to time. Taking a time out doesn’t mean jumping in your car and heading for the hills, as tempting at times as it may seem. Taking a time out could be as simple as going to a different room, doing something that isn’t what is currently upsetting you. Gather your thoughts and try to figure out a solution. Maybe there isn’t a solution but at least you (and your kids) will feel better calmed down.

Talk about it.
Call your best friend, partner or mom and vent. It’s never good to keep things bottled up inside even if you may think these things are trivial. Maybe they’ll have some great advice to help ease your situation. Either way, a good chat can always brighten your spirits.

The kids can join in this too. Create a quiet, dimly lit room and do some meditation and breathing exercises. You can find a whole bunch on YouTube.

Be productive!
If you can’t sit still and have to keep moving, one thing that can help with frustration is housework or maybe a little outdoor exercise. These are both things you can include the kids in or do on your own.

Hug your child.
No matter how angry or upset you or they are, hug/cuddle them. They’re probably feeling as emotional as you are and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Remember “this too shall pass”.
That phrase has kind of been my mantra since I can remember. It just stuck with me my whole life and I’ve even found myself repeating it during hard times.

Above all, as hard as it is sometimes please try not to be so hard on yourself. We are all learning as we go in this motherhood thing.

Have any tips? Leave a comment and share!

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