We all want what's best for our children. We all want to raise well-rounded, independent, intelligent human beings to continue our legacies and make the future an even better place. 

When they are babies we want to make sure to be there for every first moment making sure they get the best of what we can give them from diapers to cuddles and everything in between.

As the kids are getting older things are changing, they are growing and their individual needs are changing. They are becoming their own people more and more. They are unique individuals with each their own journey to follow but one thing they have in common is the values they are learning and we have the Catholic Teachers to partially thank for that. 

Our kids have been attending Catholic schools since we started them in school (you can read more about this here.) and I strongly believe that the atmosphere children are exposed to on a daily basis helps build who they become as teens and young adults. When you have teachers like some of the Catholic teachers like the ones who have been teaching my children over the years, you know you're helping them down the right path.

Catholic teachers teach more than just your basic reading, writing and math skills; they teach lessons for the test of life, shaping the characters and values of the students they teach. These values help students become engaged and contributing citizens. Graduates of Catholic schools participate in elections, donate to charities and volunteer in their communities at very high rates.

Catholic teachers make values such as fairness, compassion, respect, concern for social justice and the environment a priority in their classrooms. We can agree, all of us benefit from this approach.

Please visit http://www.catholicteachers.ca/LessonsForLife to learn more about our wonderful Catholic teachers and all they do for our kids! 

This post is part of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers #catholicteachers sponsored program. I received compensation as thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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