There are certain things that allow me to function normally on a day-to-day basis. No, I can't live without food, water, shelter, clothing, my better half and the kids (and pets) but I'm talking about those things that if there was an apocalypse of some kind and man ended up back in the dark ages, I doubt I would survive very long without them. 

5 Things I Can't Live Without (as a Mom)

1. Coffee. Be it home-brewed or drive through, I have to have my morning coffee (and it has to be with cream and sugar). Maybe it's because I have been drinking it for so long (think before kids) but without it, it's like watching a zombie in a reality TV show. It's not pretty! 

2. Internet. Okay, I could "live without it" and get away with using a pen and paper but it is something I rely on for a majority of things. Planners, emails, chats and live videos that keep me in touch both in the business realm and also in the social one, keeping up with the kids schools, weather, local news, banking, medical stuff, you name it the list goes on beyond entertainment (although I am a sucker for celebrity gossip). 

3. My favourite dogs. We have several dogs in the house and I love them all to pieces and I can't see myself without them. We have a special bond them and me. They’re my buddies who have cuddled while I cried, snored beside me while I binged my shows, follows me around and the only ones who randomly bite at the bottom of my yoga pants for attention. They’re my other babies. 

4. Disposable Earplugs. Laugh if you will but I am an extremely light sleeper. I need them or I get ZERO sleep at night. Every sound tends to wake me up especially the sound of the entire house snoring. It's like a symphony with everyone (hubby, kids AND the dogs) snoring. I'm sure I probably snore too but at least everyone else is muffled out and I can get some shut-eye to enjoy that coffee waiting for me the next morning. 

5. Music (can you tell by the Mariah GIF?). I love music, always have and always will. It's a part of me whether it be attempting to entertain the kids with an embarrassing dance party, terribly singing along to my favourites while I clean (a rendition of 'Ken Lee' anyone?) or ugly crying the feels out when things aren't going my way. My musical taste varies from rock to pop to rap to Broadway tunes; it all depends on the mood. 

There are probably a lot more things I "can't live without" but I'll leave the list at 5 for now.

What are some things you just can't live without? Share in the comments, I love to chat! 

This post is meant to be humorous. Not sponsored. Opinions and comments are those of the author.

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  1. Very good post. I'm facing a few of these issues as well..


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