The school called on Friday (before March break) and I unfortunately missed the call. As soon as I saw the number on my missed call list I had a bad feeling about it. My gut instinct was kind of right, something did happen but luckily it was quite minor. My son had been punched in the face at recess by another kid. I was expecting a full blown black eye or something out of a Rocky movie but no, he was okay thankfully.

He came home from school that day unharmed except a scratch on his face and of course his ego. They had been arguing over snow forts and one kid took it too far. I asked my son if he had hit the other child and his response made me smile.

He looked at me and said, “No mom, I’m a nice guy! I don’t hit people!”

I am proud of him. That’s my boy!

That’s just who he is though. He’s our relaxed child, he’s quiet unless he’s got something to say. He loves his LEGO, crazy YouTube videos and gaming on his device. I hope he never changes, not too much at least.

He’s turning 10 years old today. He’s growing up fast, as are all three kids. It’s hard to believe the preemie baby they gave slim chances to is growing up to be such a strong, smart young man. With wisdom like that, the big world won’t have a chance against him.

He makes us proud every day.

Happy 10th birthday “Miracle Man”.


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