Winter is finally melting away and the sun is starting to show its face a little more often. I think Spring is FINALLY here, for real this time. 

Being cooped up for most of the winter had me hiding and feeling tired, who wants to get up when it's cold? Every morning I have my coffee and now I have something to help give a little boost. Wait, what? Hold on, before all my fellow coffee lovers get up in arms about adding something besides cream/milk or sugar/sweetener, hear me out; it isn't as bad as it sounds. 

Coffee Booster is a natural vitamin supplement meant to go in your coffee (or other morning beverage) to help on-the-go people like you and I, get the proper vitamins we need for whatever ails us. It's clear, taste/ odour free and takes just one teaspoon for you to give yourself peace of mind that you did indeed take your vitamins today! 

Coffee Booster offers four different liquid supplements: Multivitamins, Mind, Antioxidants, and Collagen at $33 each bottle. One bottle lasts 12 doses and its recommended to take a break after 3 months.

Coffee Booster isn't meant to take the place of nutrition from a proper diet but it can help give you a boost where and when you need it. Always remember to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. 

Learn more about the benefits of Coffee Booster and where you can buy some by visiting the official website!

Follow @Coffee_Booster on Twitter and @Coffee.Booster on Instagram for the latest! 

*Product review on behalf of Coffee Booster. Complimentary product received in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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