I really like online shops where you can have your digital images printed for either framing or have them done on a canvas (we’ve done this before but one is never enough!). There are many options to choose from online and I have been lucky enough to work with some of them recently.

CanvasChamp offered to send us a 16 X 20 canvas print for our family photo collection. this time we decided to go with a picture of the two of us, one he keeps telling me is one of his favourites. 

Get started right on the first page of the website by deciding what kind of print you want to be done. There is a wide range of different sizes and styles like custom canvas prints, metal prints, and photos on wood prints, too! Prints range in price according to size and what extras you want like glossy, pop art, caricatures or pixel painting. They also offer free standard shipping on orders over $149.

I chose the canvas style and uploaded the picture. It was a little bit tricky to fit the image onto the display and have it look exactly how I wanted it but after playing around with it, I figured it out! There is of course always a live chat available if you do get into any issues you can't resolve yourself so that's a plus! 

Step by step I chose the size of print, wrap/border style, hardware (comes with free wall hangers or you can order a frame etc) and lastly, I went through the extra options but decided not to add any extra costs into the cart. 

It took only a couple of weeks for my print to arrive and I am not disappointed! Unlike other canvas's we have, this one is a poster board style which is more sturdy than a typical stretched canvas. The image came out perfect with vibrant colour, I am happy to display it in our living room! 

If you're looking for good quality prints at a good price, be sure to check out Canvas Champ

Sponsored post on behalf of CanvasChamp. Compensation + product received in exchange for this feature with no obligation. Opinions and comments are those of AME. 

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