Earth Day is this weekend (April 22nd) but teaching your kids the importance of taking care of the environment around them is something we should do on a daily basis.

In our house, we try to do our part and set an example. We use reusable lunch containers instead of plastic snack bags. We also recycle. We sort it into bins and we reuse items that can be reused. I try to save the laundry for off-hours. I’m also a fan of donating purchased items that are still good instead of throwing them out. As they say, every little bit counts. 

In celebration of Earth Day, we are sharing some fun earth-friendly tips from our new friend Ranger Rob, to help you and I do our parts to keep our Earth a great place for our kids and the future generations.

Ranger Rob is a show about the adventures of an enthusiastic park ranger who LOVES going outside to PLAY, EXPLORE and DISCOVER in Big Sky Park! The show teaches kids and preschoolers the importance of taking care of the environment, recycling, conserving and preserving the beautiful world we call HOME. It also teaches them the importance of teamwork and friendship.

You can watch Ranger Rob on Earth Day via Treehouse (Canada): April 22- Ranger Rob Marathon 3:15pm-6:30pm ET or Sprout (US): April 22 – Earth Day Special at 9am, repeating at 3:30pm EST.

Posted on behalf of Treehouse for Earth Day. Complimentary product exchanged for the feature. Opinions on this blog are my own.

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