I’ve noticed I haven’t posted many family life posts lately. That’s because family life has been extra busy and interesting, to say the least. 

So many things going on. Between back/hip injuries *me, twice in three months*, tax season, the truck breaking down, the kids always coming home with some kind of permission slip or note to remember to sign, and the million and one other things we have to do every day, it was nice to enjoy a weekend outside. 

It was the first weekend of May and other than the insane wind storm we had Friday night, it was an overall good weather weekend! Plus, nobody (including myself) had any kind of meltdowns except for when Miss M fell off her wagon and bumped her head. She did cry but thankfully there was no blood and barely a bruise. She was back playing in a matter of minutes and I was able to recover from the mini-heart attack she gave me. 

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should! I share all of this stuff almost daily with my Insta family! Check out my recent pics below!

Attempting to take a #SaturdaySelfie, I was photobombed by the kids! 

She always wants to take a picture with me; one day, I'll miss this! 

She was looking for worms to "collect", bless her heart. 

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