This will be the last Kindergarten post ever on AME! My youngest graduated Kindergarten this morning; officially a grade 1er this fall. 

The weather wasn’t nice today, it was grey and rainy. We had to run to a bank machine before heading to the school and of course, caught every single red light on the way. The traffic lights in the area are excruciatingly long for some reason or maybe they felt long because we were on a tight time crunch to make it to the bank, grab the first coffee of the morning and book it to celebrate with our little girl.

I felt bad because we were seven minutes late BUT we made it. When we walked into the gym I could see her standing at the front of the gymnasium with her class. She looked sad. She had that heartbreaking look that mommy and daddy weren’t there. We were surprised by her big brother who got a free pass out of class to also join his sister's celebration. The three of us managed to get her attention and her face lit right up! All she wanted was us there, that’s all they ever want.

We watched a slideshow of the kids singing an alphabet song “A Is for Apple etc”. Miss M was letter M, cute. Her class went on to perform some songs they had been practising. Miss M had been practising almost daily at home too. They were so cute with their little grad caps!

Each kid was called up one by one to get a little certificate and a book. There were a lot of people so it was hard to get a shot but I did get a little video clip of her “sliding” into grade 1, which is even better.

I love how the school made it extra special for them! They’re only little once, right!

Kindergarten may seem small to some people but it’s the first step into the rest of their school lives, it’s actually one of the biggest steps of all! Being the youngest, I was worried about our littlest girl heading off into the big world but so far she's been doing just fine. 

We've been told on more than one occasion that she's a delight to have in class. She is friends with just about everybody and enjoys every minute of school. Throughout the year when we've had P.D. days or holidays, she would get so upset because she had to miss school. She's the only kid I've ever known to hate snow days! I hope she continues with her enthusiasm not only for school but for life!

Congratulations to our Kinder Grad 2018!

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