If you’re a mom, you probably have one too; a summer bag. That one bag (aside from your purse) that you grab on any outing during the summer with your kids. This bag is like the sacred bag to keep your family fun from unravelling into a complete disaster. Well, maybe not so dramatic but you always make sure to have the tools you need to keep everyone safe and happy. What’s in your summer bag?

- Hand sanitizer
- Lipbalm

- Sunscreen
- Bandaids (including the liquid kind and spray peroxide)
- Polysporon
- A mass amount of clean tissues
- Wet wipes
- Light snacks (individually packaged crackers, granola bars, rice crispy treats, etc)
- Extra phone charger
- Extra sunglasses
- Change purse (preferably with a little cash in it!)
- Somebody’s (usually my youngest child’s) change of clean clothes, just in case.

What are you favourite "go-to" summer items to keep on hand? Have I missed anything important? Share in the comments below, let's chat! :) 

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