Work hasn’t been as busy as usual which is a good thing and a bad thing. More time to spend on other things but also less money coming in. You'd think being less busy work-wise would give me the chance to have that thing everybody calls "spare time"? It doesn't and there have been many things I've put off doing trying to balance my life with the kids being home all the time. 

I have been spending my time between looking for freelance writing work and making sure my kids live to see another day, taking care of the house and pets; your typical "stay at home/work at home mom" duties.

During the school year, it is easier both because they are in school when I can get more work done but also because there’s more of an intense schedule where I can turn my freelance work into a daily job much easier. I'm up and ready to go early, no excuses and no sleeping in (except weekends but I don't do weekends). As soon as they’re on that yellow bus Monday to Friday, I’m in my "home office" logging onto my work. Checking email, updating social and doing research to write my next piece. Believe me, there is more to being a writer/blogger than just posting on the internet but that’s another topic altogether.

During the summer months, my kids are off school (as are yours) and I still have work to do. School ends but life doesn't! Everyone ends up off schedule not having to be up early every single day and out the door before breakfast even has a chance to digest. I've shifted my own schedule. Instead of working in the daytime while they are around and making it impossible to concentrate while messing up the house and nothing else gets done, I work when the youngest goes to bed and the older two have themselves occupied with Netflix for a couple of hours. I can be very productive in a couple of uninterrupted hours of doing what needs to be done and the kids get most of my attention during the day.

Overall I haven't found it to be very stressful as far as balancing working at home when the kids are home. I will probably change my mind in a couple of weeks when back to school starts kicking back in (along with the exhaustion)! 

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer holiday while still getting things done.  


When I was a teenager I was one of those with my favourite celebrity posters taped to my walls. I bought (and cut apart) teen magazines as often as they would come out in search of the newest (and hottest) pictures to add to my collection. Friends and I would compare what we each had.

Sometimes at the back of those teen magazines were stars fan mail addresses with which you could mail in and hope to receive a special letter or autographed photo. I mailed out several throughout those tween and teen years only to get a handful back. Even though I didn't get many, it was always exciting to get mail just for me (it still is unless it a bill, nobody likes bills). I wish I still had the autographed pictures today although a few years ago I did the same for my better half and we got some cool autographed postcards of some famous actors (of our own generation! Ha!). Maybe my love of Hollywood and all things movies makes me find it cool to have things like collectable memorabilia. Anyway, this story isn’t all about me!

My teenager lives and breathes the show Supernatural and anything to do with it. Several months ago (after some serious googling) we emailed a few of her favourite Supernatural cast members and totally forgot all about it, until today.

In an envelope addressed to her was a glossy, autographed photo from one of the stars of the show that we had emailed! I was surprised because I thought the email addresses were long gone into cyberland and totally bogus. At the same time, I was happy because hello "Mom of the Year"!

Sure it’s not personalized other than the address on the envelope and we know it’s most likely a generic fan mail photo but none of that matters to her. Just having possession of that autographed picture itself is enough. I can totally relate to her excitement! She spent her afternoon instagramming and telling all her friends (and fellow fans) all about it. Wouldn't you? :) 

Have you ever written to the stars and had them respond (online or snail mail)? Share your experiences in the comments below! We love to chat!


Having the kids home all summer may mean you have to think ahead and plan some fun for them. Now that we are almost into August, summer is slowing down but our day trips are not! They are fun (more or less), get us out of the house (or even out of town) and as always, memories are just waiting to be made. Here are some tips that may or may not help your next day trip with the kids! 

Plan ahead.
Budget food/gas/emergency money, where you’ll go, how you’ll get there etc all need to be planned out ahead of time depending on a day trip. It’s easy to make a spontaneous trip to the park for a picknick but if you’re heading somewhere else like a water park or themed amusement park you might want to get things like entry tickets in advance. Lots of places have peak days when it can be more expensive. It’s never nice to have to spend more than you bargained for one simple fun day out with the family.

Secret Stash.
Make sure to save a little cash and some change in an emergency change wallet. Keep it in the glove compartment of your vehicle or in the first aid kit, so you are never without.

First Aid Kit.
A must-have even if it's "just a day trip" you never know when a minor injury can happen especially if your kids are clumsy like mine. Your first aid kit should contain items like band-aids, bandages, alcohol swabs, spray-on peroxide, rubber gloves, heat or cold packs (the ones you bend to activate), flashlight etc. You can usually find kits with everything you'd need at your local stores. 

Bring Extras.
The weather calls for sunny but halfway through your water park visit the clouds roll in and it starts to rain. Packing items like extra towels or sweaters in these situations ensures everyone stays warm! Extra entertainment is also good to have on hand. Maybe not lug out the iPads for a day trip but books can be fun if you're stuck in a camper or car. 

Sleep well.
Getting a good nights sleep is crucial to surviving a day trip with the kids. Make sure both the kids and adults are in bed, it’ll be an early rise to get going! Oh and don’t forget to pre-make some yummy hearty breakfasts for the big morning!

Whatever you do and wherever you go, one major thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! Even if things don't go as perfect as you planned them, it's the memories that count. Trust me, we've had our share of imperfect, perfect day trips and everything turned out OK!

Do you have any trip tips? Share with fellow AME readers in the comments below! Let's chat!

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Summer holidays are in full force at our house! We’ve been trying to avoid dull days and take advantage of the really hot weather while we have it by taking the kids on little trips. Whether it be the local pool, splash pads or getting out of the city for a day, the days have been busy and we find ourselves more on the go!

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These women’s Skechers Ultra Flex keep active feet like mine (hello, 3 kids!) comfortable with mesh slip-on design and air-cooled memory foam soles. I’m still amazed by the comfy soles, it’s so hard to find nice shoes that look good and don’t hurt my feet! Although these shoes do come in other colours I find black is easier to maintain and it goes with everything.

Besides our flip flops and sandals, we are truly running shoe type people and Skechers has been one of our go-to shoe brands for a while now. I can’t say we have been disappointed by a pair yet! Great shoes for parents (and kids) on the go!

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We finished the school year with a bang; K heading into grade 9, D into grade 5 and Little Miss M into the big grade 1. Throughout the ups and downs of the school year, I think we have earned this summer break!

The city (and I think most of the province of Ontario) has been really warm the past week and a half with a severe heat wave including Canada Day weekend. The hot weather just gave us an excuse to find anything water related to cool off with and have fun!

We would have loved to bring the kids downtown but it’s just too much finding parking then finding space plus my social anxiety doesn’t make me and big crowds of strangers get along very well. We were thinking of take the kids across the street for the annual Canada day celebrations and topping off the day taking them to a special location to check out the Canada day fireworks but that didn’t happen.

The pool opened late in the morning with no Canada Day party this year and by the time the pool did open we had already been invited to take the kids out of the city for the day.

A long, hot, two-hour drive brought us to a campground near the St.Lawrence River where we spent our Canada day with some friends and swimming fun. The water was actually really cold so I was the one sitting under the shade of a tree enjoying the scenery and watching the kids from my spot. Other than the mass amount of little tiny grasshoppers that kept jumping at my face and the black flies that wouldn’t leave us alone, we had a really nice day. I even got some sun on my pale legs although I think it’s more from the car ride than the campsite.

By the time we came home, it was getting dark and we had the kids passed out in the backseat. We got them inside with showers, bed and called it a night for everyone. We didn’t go out for fireworks (although we did see some from the window with people setting some off in the neighborhood) , we were all pretty exhausted from our long, hot Canada Day!

We hope you all had a fun Canada Day weekend! Stay tuned for a summer of fun with #AMEblog plus #AMESocial @AMotherhoodblog (Twitter/IG)