Having the kids home all summer may mean you have to think ahead and plan some fun for them. Now that we are almost into August, summer is slowing down but our day trips are not! They are fun (more or less), get us out of the house (or even out of town) and as always, memories are just waiting to be made. Here are some tips that may or may not help your next day trip with the kids! 

Plan ahead.
Budget food/gas/emergency money, where you’ll go, how you’ll get there etc all need to be planned out ahead of time depending on a day trip. It’s easy to make a spontaneous trip to the park for a picknick but if you’re heading somewhere else like a water park or themed amusement park you might want to get things like entry tickets in advance. Lots of places have peak days when it can be more expensive. It’s never nice to have to spend more than you bargained for one simple fun day out with the family.

Secret Stash.
Make sure to save a little cash and some change in an emergency change wallet. Keep it in the glove compartment of your vehicle or in the first aid kit, so you are never without.

First Aid Kit.
A must-have even if it's "just a day trip" you never know when a minor injury can happen especially if your kids are clumsy like mine. Your first aid kit should contain items like band-aids, bandages, alcohol swabs, spray-on peroxide, rubber gloves, heat or cold packs (the ones you bend to activate), flashlight etc. You can usually find kits with everything you'd need at your local stores. 

Bring Extras.
The weather calls for sunny but halfway through your water park visit the clouds roll in and it starts to rain. Packing items like extra towels or sweaters in these situations ensures everyone stays warm! Extra entertainment is also good to have on hand. Maybe not lug out the iPads for a day trip but books can be fun if you're stuck in a camper or car. 

Sleep well.
Getting a good nights sleep is crucial to surviving a day trip with the kids. Make sure both the kids and adults are in bed, it’ll be an early rise to get going! Oh and don’t forget to pre-make some yummy hearty breakfasts for the big morning!

Whatever you do and wherever you go, one major thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! Even if things don't go as perfect as you planned them, it's the memories that count. Trust me, we've had our share of imperfect, perfect day trips and everything turned out OK!

Do you have any trip tips? Share with fellow AME readers in the comments below! Let's chat!

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