We finished the school year with a bang; K heading into grade 9, D into grade 5 and Little Miss M into the big grade 1. Throughout the ups and downs of the school year, I think we have earned this summer break!

The city (and I think most of the province of Ontario) has been really warm the past week and a half with a severe heat wave including Canada Day weekend. The hot weather just gave us an excuse to find anything water related to cool off with and have fun!

We would have loved to bring the kids downtown but it’s just too much finding parking then finding space plus my social anxiety doesn’t make me and big crowds of strangers get along very well. We were thinking of take the kids across the street for the annual Canada day celebrations and topping off the day taking them to a special location to check out the Canada day fireworks but that didn’t happen.

The pool opened late in the morning with no Canada Day party this year and by the time the pool did open we had already been invited to take the kids out of the city for the day.

A long, hot, two-hour drive brought us to a campground near the St.Lawrence River where we spent our Canada day with some friends and swimming fun. The water was actually really cold so I was the one sitting under the shade of a tree enjoying the scenery and watching the kids from my spot. Other than the mass amount of little tiny grasshoppers that kept jumping at my face and the black flies that wouldn’t leave us alone, we had a really nice day. I even got some sun on my pale legs although I think it’s more from the car ride than the campsite.

By the time we came home, it was getting dark and we had the kids passed out in the backseat. We got them inside with showers, bed and called it a night for everyone. We didn’t go out for fireworks (although we did see some from the window with people setting some off in the neighborhood) , we were all pretty exhausted from our long, hot Canada Day!

We hope you all had a fun Canada Day weekend! Stay tuned for a summer of fun with #AMEblog plus #AMESocial @AMotherhoodblog (Twitter/IG)

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