Work hasn’t been as busy as usual which is a good thing and a bad thing. More time to spend on other things but also less money coming in. You'd think being less busy work-wise would give me the chance to have that thing everybody calls "spare time"? It doesn't and there have been many things I've put off doing trying to balance my life with the kids being home all the time. 

I have been spending my time between looking for freelance writing work and making sure my kids live to see another day, taking care of the house and pets; your typical "stay at home/work at home mom" duties.

During the school year, it is easier both because they are in school when I can get more work done but also because there’s more of an intense schedule where I can turn my freelance work into a daily job much easier. I'm up and ready to go early, no excuses and no sleeping in (except weekends but I don't do weekends). As soon as they’re on that yellow bus Monday to Friday, I’m in my "home office" logging onto my work. Checking email, updating social and doing research to write my next piece. Believe me, there is more to being a writer/blogger than just posting on the internet but that’s another topic altogether.

During the summer months, my kids are off school (as are yours) and I still have work to do. School ends but life doesn't! Everyone ends up off schedule not having to be up early every single day and out the door before breakfast even has a chance to digest. I've shifted my own schedule. Instead of working in the daytime while they are around and making it impossible to concentrate while messing up the house and nothing else gets done, I work when the youngest goes to bed and the older two have themselves occupied with Netflix for a couple of hours. I can be very productive in a couple of uninterrupted hours of doing what needs to be done and the kids get most of my attention during the day.

Overall I haven't found it to be very stressful as far as balancing working at home when the kids are home. I will probably change my mind in a couple of weeks when back to school starts kicking back in (along with the exhaustion)! 

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer holiday while still getting things done.  

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