Let’s face it, it can be a never ending battle when it comes to prying kids away from their beloved video games. While a little time spent playing their favourite video games isn’t a bad thing, there are other things they can do with their time. We all know as parents it’s always a good idea to encourage different activities to keep them entertained and active. Here are some great ideas to help keep those little ones active!

Team sports

One idea to help encourage reluctant kids is to involve them in social activities like organized team sports! It's not only a great way to get out and get active but also a great way for kids to start making new friends. There are lots of different sports to choose from; Maybe your kids are interested in basketball, baseball, hockey or even soccer, where teams like FC Barcelona Canada offer classes for children to get involved. Talk to your kids and find out what interests them and encourage it.


Swimming is a given in the summertime. It's a great activity to keep everyone entertained, cool and staying active. In the summer, you can visit local pools for fun or even organized lessons. It is a great way to encourage some family time and swimming can just be so fun.

Taking responsibility

Encourage the kids to help out and at the same time teach them responsibility around the home. The family "to-do" list is never ending and honestly, the more little-helping hands you have, the less time you spend on chores and more time spent on fun. It doesn't have to be anything major, you can assign chores according to age. Simple tasks like cleaning up their own bedroom or doing the dishes after dinner are easy starters for younger kids. If you have a dog, you can delegate the task of feeding, watering and taking it outside for walks. I'm sure as parents, you can find something for them to do to help out!

Spending time outside

Finally, why not take the time to enjoy the fresh air outside. The Summer months have been great for doing just that with swimming, family BBQ's, and just plain outdoor summer fun! With the cooler months up ahead it's always a nice idea to take advantage of the beauty of nature; take a family nature walk! Family walks are the perfect time to ask kids about their day, what is going on in school and how they are doing. Spending time outside could be as simple as sitting in the garden or backyard and reading a book or helping with homework.

Summer is almost over but that doesn't mean you can't still get out and get active! I hope this gives you some ideas to help encourage your kids to get off the couch, get up and be active!

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  1. My kids spend a lot of time outdoors. Swimming, hiking and just plain old playing.

  2. That’s fantastic! I grew up in a country setting so we had plenty to do outside! In the city I’m glad we are close to a park with a play structure, huge grassy field and a wading pool for the kids! Summer months have no lack of outdoor activities!


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