My oldest daughter and I were discussing Disney movies recently and came up with a list of the saddest animated Disney movie scenes we could think of. This is one thing I love about our mother-daughter relationship, the ability to get into the weirdest, yet funniest conversations ever. We couldn't help but laugh at the fact we could get teared up over animations, thanks, Disney. We love you, for real! Here is our list, in no particular order. 

Bambi - The scene where Bambi loses his mom. Enough said.

The Fox and The Hound - Seriously that scene when the old lady has to leave the fox in the middle of the woods and then months later when the hound is all grown up he doesn’t recognize his old BFF Tod the fox.

Dumbo - Part of me wants to see the upcoming live-action remake of this classic but the child in me is still crying. If you haven’t seen Dumbo, watch it. Everyone knows what scenes I’m talking about. “Baby Mine” still makes me sob.

The Lion King - Probably one of the most heart-wrenching scenes is when Mufasa (Simba’s Dad) dies by the hands of his evil brother and his son takes the blame. Gulp!

Aladdin - Sort of a happy-sad, bittersweet scene when the Genie becomes free from his lamp.

Finding Nemo - When Marlon finds the last surviving egg, Nemo.

Monsters Inc - When Sully and Mike have to return Boo for real.

Okay, so there are probably hundreds of others (Toy Story, UP etc) that I didn’t mention but these were movies I watched as a young kid and hit the heartstrings the hardest!

What’s your favourite sad Disney movie? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. Dumbo. OMG, I can't watch that movie again. I saw it as a kid and it crushed me. I never saw Bambi because of this. My mom wouldn't let me. I guess she didn't know that Dumbo was just as sad. I'm an emotional person naturally. I cry at sensitive movies, commercials, songs, etc. But ever since having my two boys I've become even more sensitive and sad movies (especially ones that involve moms and their kids) really get to me. And that includes animated ones...and momma and baby animals too, not just humans.

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