“How do you do it?” Is a question I’ve heard more than once when it comes to my relationship. Not a topic I discuss often here on AME (I have to keep some aspects of my life on the private) but an important element in our family dynamic, the relationship between my partner and I didn’t happen “overnight”, it’s not always bliss but we make it work. We’ve made it work and some for 15 years.

Communication is key
Cliche to say but it’s the honest truth. If you don’t communicate, you won’t get anywhere.

Hear to your partner
You want your voice heard, so does your partner. Don’t just listen to your partner's voice, hear them out and try to find a happy medium for any problems. Compromise when it comes to trivial things like who picks the movie or the never-ending question “what should we have for dinner?”.

Do the little things
Everybody needs to feel appreciated if someone doesn’t feel appreciated they won’t be happy and you can’t be in a good relationship when you’re unhappy. Gestures of love and caring don’t have to be grand. They can be as simple as getting them a coffee when you know they need it, doing something just because. You don’t need a special day to show you care about someone and appreciate their role in your life.

Be partners in parenting
If you have kids you need to work together to raise them. You need to discuss what works and what doesn’t work. If one parent is doing it one way and the other another way it will definitely put a strain on the relationship and it’s not good for your kids. Communicate (see, there’s that word again), compromise and back each other up. You’re better as a parenting team!

Have fun together!
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So, get the kids babysat (or put them to bed ultra early if you can’t find a sitter) and spend some quality time with the one you love. Enjoy your next date night!

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  1. What a fun idea! I love your tips on do the little things, I find that even saying thank you is a huge gesture. We all get stuck in our "roles" and it is nice to feel appreciated. I'll be ordering a Crated With Love for us, thanks for the tips!

  2. Omg so cute. Many great subscriptions now! Sometimes just making my coffee makes me happy. The other day when I was pissy my husband was out and he bought me girl guide cookies. That was super sweet and so appreciated.

  3. After 22 years it is the small things that matter. This Sounds great!


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